Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons – Review


Introducing babies to solid foods is a rollercoaster ride of excitement on your part, discovery on their part and finding purΓ©ed food splattered in impossible places around your house on everyone else’s part. Oh, just me then. (Cue chorus of parents saying “no, us too!” I hope.)

Weaning is a huge milestone for baby and for you and there is a plethora of products available, all marketed as being essential in making the process easier for you and your little muncher to make the transition to solids.

Mixed in to the whirlwind of baby blenders, silicone crumbcatcher bibs, multi-position highchairs and digital steamers is the oft-overlooked but truly essential bit of weaning kit: the humble spoon.

When I began looking for spoons to feed Eden with I came across these beautiful bamboo and silicone creations by


At roughly Β£18 for a pack of four though, I continued the search; I wasn’t about to pay for four baby spoons with what could buy a 12-piece dinner set. That’s when I found Munchkin’s colourful feeding spoons.


They have soft tips (good for baby’s gums) and long handles (good if you choose to buy food in jars).

They come in a pack of 6 so you’ll always have one ready while the others wait to be washed – and wait they will at times (and all the tired parents said “amen”). They’re easy for baby to hold and practice feeding themselves with although, with the long handles, it can take a few attempts before the spoon reaches the mouth (which makes for some hilarious moments – cameras at the ready!)


They’re dishwasher safe, BPA free and all this for around Β£2.99. Plus, you’ll be using them well into the toddler years.

Munchkin spoons for munchkin’s meals all the way I say.


Author: Melissa

Jesus-loving, working mum and wife sharing the things I like.

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