Modest Summer Slaying

I am painfully aware that modest clothing is SO not hot in this day and age but hear me out. While retailers are encouraging us to flaunt our wares in revealing and increasingly barely-there outfits – especially so in the recent beautiful weather we’ve had (scorchio!) – I say we regain the exclusivity of our form and cover our bits and pieces in style.

There’s a saying much-beloved of meme-makers who also believe modest dressing to be where it’s at:

if you dress like a piece of meat, you’re going to attract dogs.

I have heard some ladies complain that the attention they receive from men is overly focused on their body parts but, as they are complaining, their said parts are hanging out for all to see and drool over. Right…

Now I am the last person qualified to judge anybody for anything but, dear beautiful women, whatever happened to us dressing to please ourselves instead of everyone else? And why can’t doing so translate into fabulously stylish, classy and flattering outfits that leave something to the imagination?

Feast your eyes on these examples of modest yet totally bomb diggity (did I just say that?) style choices…






See? It is possible to stay cool in warm weather without baring all! And, by the way, it has actually been proven that you stay cooler wearing loose-fitting clothing rather than exposing bare skin to the sun. So there.

Here’s me doing smart(ish) on a hot Sunday, wearing dusky pink shirt by H&M, white textured skirt by M&S, flat snake and suede sandals also by H&M and minimalist accessories from New Look and Michael Kors:


I take enormous pleasure in knowing that what I’m ‘working with’ (ahem) is exclusively for my own and my husband’s eyes. Even before I was married, I actually enjoyed picking out what to wear with modesty in mind, knowing I could slay without sky-high levels of flesh being exposed. I suppose I’ve always been someone who enjoys going against the grain and it seems that, in having this viewpoint in today’s flesh-thirsty society, I’m staying true to form.




Author: Melissa

Jesus-loving, working mum and wife sharing the things I like.

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