Confessions of an Inconsistent Blogger

Hi, my name’s Melissa and I’m a terrible blogger

I don’t even know what to write right now. This is the first time since

my last post was published in December (the Christmas gift one – that’s how long ago we’re talking!) that I’ve even opened up WordPress and got to tapping my thoughts in.

To be honest, I’d love to blog full-time but I’m not a very ‘good’ blogger.

Before the comments come, I mean in the sense of sticking to a blogging schedule or content calendar (cheeky). If you’re looking to earn a living from blogging, that’s pretty much rule number one: be consistent.

I, however, simply write what is on my heart as and when it comes to me and hit the ‘publish’ button as soon as I can make my ramblings comprehensible to another human being by way of editing.

Why now?

As I write this, I’m only doing so because I spontaneously opened the WordPress app while taking a break from the ironing.

Blogging with Old Faithful #RIPMacBook

Back when I was trying to be a ‘good’ blogger, I’d sit at my Instagramable desk at a set time in the evening with my laptop and a cup of coffee, and let the words in my head tumble out on to the screen.

Now, since my laptop has finally given up the ghost, I find I’m having to take a far more ‘organic’ approach to writing i.e. drafting posts on the go on my phone. Plus, my poor desk has been overpowered by miscellaneous (and probably unnecessary) paperwork, so what’s a girl to do? (Tidy up, that’s what.)

I’ve always written, be it songs, poems or even scripts, and the writing bug in me simply refuses to die, even after having been starved for so long.

So, I’m back at it, taking it one post at a time and sharing my Christian parenting learns as I learn them.

So, what’s next?

Life has been HAPPENING in my absence from blogging so, even though I started by saying I don’t know what to write, I’ve actually got lots to write about. I’m just a bit rusty after such a long hiatus so bear with me!

A great big thank you to those of you who have stuck around while the tumbleweed was rolling through – you guys are honestly the best.

Do let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions as to the type of content you’d be interested in seeing from me and I’ll do my best to hook y’all up.

Until next time – be blessed!

Melissa @MelissaLikes

Author: Melissa

Jesus-loving, working mum and wife sharing the things I like.

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