Why Christian Mums Need Christian Mum Friends

The benefits of a godly support system

Is there anything so isolating as being left alone in a house with a baby?

You find out you’re expecting. Cue the

whirlwind of emotions: joy, excitement, nervousness, fear – however it makes you feel, there’s always a big build up in the wait for baby’s arrival. And then they arrive.

There may be family and friends popping by to meet the new addition and, if you’re super blessed, maybe even bringing a cooked meal round (hallelujah). Your other half may be home on paternity leave.

The days go by, turning into weeks and, before you know it, hubby’s back at work, the flood of visitors turns into a trickle and it’s just you and this box-fresh human being.

How Things Have Changed

I’ve mentioned before on my Instagram account (@melissalikes) that today’s mum has a very different experience to mums of days gone by. Increasingly, it has become the norm to raise our children in a whole other city or country, even, to where our own parents and families may be, and so the support system – or ‘village’ as I have referred to it – isn’t as readily available.

The other thing many new parents have to factor in, due to people retiring at a later age, is not being able to rely on their own parents for help with looking after the children as Grandma and Grandad may still work themselves.

So What’s a Mum to do?

Most mums of small children will have friends of a similar age and at a similar stage of life to themselves.

Translation: our friends are probably in the same boat as us i.e. in a pickle whenever they need childcare.

I spoke with someone recently and mentioned that, after a few years of looking after the kids without many periods of time away from them (twice in four years), I could really use a break.

I explained that I am exhausted pretty much all of the time, that I couldn’t remember the last time my husband and I had an uninterrupted conversation, and that I’d quite like to just go for a leisurely walk by myself one afternoon.

The response from my sympathetic listener was: “you should get someone to look after them while you have some time to yourself”.

Gee, ya think? It’s not as though I’m turning offers of help down, you know. Everyone I know is either just busy or also has little humans that they’re hoping someone will come and take off of their hands for an hour or two.

It’s Time for a Mummy Meet Up

Whenever I have met up with my Christian mum friends, it has always been an edifying experience and I’m hugely blessed that they are also Bible-believing women, trying to raise their kids to know and love Jesus too. It helps so much knowing there’s another mum who understands why I’m a hot mess, will say I look good even though I’ve been up most of the night and have porridge in my hair and then swap prayer requests.

They just get it.

It’s good to be able to just have a laugh together too and chat as women, as well as mums. As a Christian, I value the company of these women who are a ‘safe haven’ from society’s image of what a woman should be.

We stand united, in the midst of flying food and wailing babies, and our faith knits our hearts together and gives us the strength we need.

Coming Up!

I’ll be posting about ‘mummy meet ups’, kid-friendly venues and activities soon and I’d love to hear from YOU on the subject! If you know any good places to go for a catch up with the ladies, drop me a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Melissa @MelissaLikes

This Week’s Book Recommendation!

If you’re looking for a book on motherhood from an honest, funny and Christian perspective, I’m about to hook you up! ‘The Diary of a (Trying to be Holy) Mum’ by Fiona Lloyd is simply brilliant.

It is the diary of Becky who wants to please God and figure out being at mum at the same time! Every mum will relate to Becky’s hilarious and and candid descriptions of the daily highs and lows of being a Christian mum. Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions – click the link or the book image above to get your your copy now!

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